Pearl in Tunnel Of Glove.

Pearl Krabs
Pearl Krabs
General Information
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Weight: Unknown
Occupation(s): Krusty Krab (Kuddly Krab) manager (once)
Krusty Krab fry cook (once)
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Eugene Harold Krabs (father)
Betsy Krabs (grandmother)
Victor Krabs (grandfather)
3 cousins
King Krabs (ancestor)
Princess Pearl (ancestor)
Grandpa Redbeard (great-grandfather)
Friends: ['Nancy Suzy Fish]]
Debbie Rechid
Octavious Rex (ex-boyfriend)
Sandy Cheeks
SpongeBob SquarePants (sometimes)
Employer: Mr. Krabs (once)
Employees: SpongeBob SquarePants (once)
Squidward Tentacles (once)
Enemies: Plankton, Mr. Krabs (when he is cheap) Squidward
Other Informations
Interests: Shopping, music, boys
Education: Bikini Bottom High School
Series Information
First appearance: "Squeaky Boots"
Portrayer: Lori Alan
List of characters

Pearl Krabs is one of the main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants. Although she is a whale and her father is a crab, it is not clear whether she was adopted, or if her mother is a whale, although the trivia book implies that she had a mother who was a whale. Pearl acts like a typical teenage girl, and has a dream to become a Cheerleader or an actress, but is denied because of her weight. She is very spoiled by her father, Mr. Krabs, which makes him upset.


Pearl is a whale with blonde hair in a constant ponytail, big blue eyes and a large, rectangular head. She commonly wears a pink shirt with a dark pink letter P, which stands for Pearl, as well as a dark pink skirt and white boots. The episodes "The Chaperone" and "Whale of a Birthday" feature her with a light pink dress and a tiara on. When in this outfit, the hair holder that keeps her hair in a ponytail changes color from dark pink to light pink. She almost always has on reddish-pink lipstick in the shape of a heart on her lips.


Pearl's personality is a spoiled teenage girl. She often borrows Mr. Krabs' money and doesn't want to get embarrassed by him. In earlier episodes Pearl was getting to like SpongeBob, however, in "The Slumber Party she dislike SpongeBob and in Tunnel of Glove. She tries to act coral (cool) to everyone. She loves her father, but gets frustrated with him. Pearl tends to cry a lot if she doesn't get her way or if Mr.Krabs does something she doesn't like.

Likes and DislikesEdit

She likes boys, malls, and clothes. Her favorite places to go are Teenage Boy Museum, Super Mega Mall World, and Planet Rollercoaster. Her dislikes are The Krusty Krab and her father (when he's cheap)?


  • In Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation, Pearl maxed out Mr. Krabs credit card and made him cry.
  • Her favorite band is Boys Who Cry